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The Roots N’ Boots Youth Committee is a group of young individuals ages 12-21 years old.  They come together as a team to help organize, promote and plan one of the best rodeos in Arizona!  All of them work hard all year long, along side our chairs giving input on how to continue to make the Roots N’ Boots Rodeo the best experience for our community.  They spend countless hours at various Town of Queen Creek events promoting not only the rodeo, but our western heritage way of life.  Our youth learn not only what it takes to put on a great rodeo, they learn to work as a team, they learn about responsibility, they learn to be independent and they learn they can make a difference. 

If  you are interested in learning more about our Youth Committee or would like to sponsor them, please contact Myrna Flores at 602-540-6715.


Introducing our 2019-2020 Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek Youth Committee

Hi, my name is Grace Waaramaa, I have been a volunteer for Roots N’ Boots since the beginning. I joined 4-H in 2009 and then started volunteering for the rodeo because it was a requirement to compete in County Finals. But after one year of volunteering, I fell in love with Roots N’ Boots. From the community, friends, events outside of the rodeo, everything about Roots N’ Boots I love. This rodeo is honestly more than just a rodeo, it’s a learning opportunity. This past year the youth committee gave me an amazing opportunity to be apart of the cameras and the video screen during the rodeo. It was by far one of the best experiences that Roots N’ Boots presented me with. By being apart of that it words cannot explain how incredible it was to be in the rodeo and showcase all the fascinating events that take place during the performance. The Youth Committee was a blessing in disguise and I am eternally grateful for the Youth Committee and everything it has blessed me with. Roots N’ Boots is truly more than a rodeo. Everyone that attends the rodeo will find something to do, whether that be the vendors, outside arenas, SKR, Teen Extreme, and so many more activities that we offer during the month of March as well as the months prior to the rodeo too. 

Looking from the outside in, committee has taught me is to have a drive for something. That can range from anything, because if you are passionate about a change, you need to have a drive to make that happen. I am so glad to say that along with plenty of other lessons, this one is particularly showed me be the change you want to see and that I will forever keep with me moving on with my life. Since the Roots N’ Boots Committee created the Youth Committee, it has changed not only my life but everyone else apart of it as well. These past ten years has given me memories I will forever cherish, for example last year (2018) I was awarded a scholarship and got to share this miraculous moment with one of my closest friends, Montana Flores who is also apart of the Youth Committee. Another great memory is when I was working with hospitality, I got to meet the Mayor of Queen Creek and I will never forget that wonderful encounter. The Youth Committee has rekindle old friendships, brought me new friends, gave me outstanding opportunities and has shown how me something that I started when I was nine years old, became a part of my life that I hope never ends. Roots N’ Boots and the Youth Committee is something that I would wholeheartedly recommend to everyone, it is an exposure to a world that only positively affect you. 

-Grace Waaramaa, Roots N’ Boots Volunteer 2009-Present 

My name is Hayden McKinnon, I have participated in the Roots N’ Boots PRCA Youth Committee for the past two years. Prior to being a member of the youth committee, I attended Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek PRCA Rodeo and family events as a fan of Rodeo.

What is Roots N’ Boots Youth Committee? We are an organized group of youth with rodeo involvement that volunteers our time planning, executing and making a difference in our community equestrian events.

My experience thus far has given me great opportunities to learn and grow as an individual. Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to participate in many events such as PRCA rodeos across the state, the PRCA Convention in Las Vegas, NV, local “Town of Queen Creek” events, adaptive needs programs, as well as a countdown video for our very own “Roots N’ Boots PRCA Rodeo.”

During these events I was able to serve my community, put forth my skills while continuing to learn, and strengthen myself individually. I feel privileged to be part of this Youth Committee and would encourage others just like myself to participate.


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Unfortunately, Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek 2021 has been cancelled, but …

we are still holding smaller, fun community events, like our upcoming Trail Ride.

See you at Roots N' Boots Queen Creek March 16-20, 2022


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