Honcho Hints and Tips

  1. Sponsored Goods

    1. We must use the following sponsor goods at ANY event we are hosting:

      1. Canyon Cooler

      2. Wrangler

    2. We must include Banner Health in ANY advertising that we are hosting.

    3. We must not advertise any other goods other than our sponsors.

    4. We should utilize our current sponsors for goods for our events first.  If they cannot supply, then we can utilize another vendor. This is for donation requests only.

      1. Discuss the need with your Board Representative first

      2. Then a conversation can be started with Dru on the next steps (if she believes the request can be added to their current sponsorship

  2. Sponsor Advertising

    1. Banner Health

      1. If a pop up is to be used at the event, we must use our RnB pop-up with the Banner Health backdrop

      2. If no pop up is to be used at the event, we do not have to put up the RnB pop-up with the Banner Health backdrop.   Using the big tent with the small backdrop is ok.

      3. If we hang any other sponsor banners(event sponsors or other), we must put up a Banner Health banner. 

    2. If a sponsor has donated , they must be announced.

    3. Only sponsors can have a presence at any RnB branded event.

    4. Events include:

      1. Barrel Races

      2. Poker Ride

      3. Queen Coronation

      4. Queen Contest

      5. Any other RnB hosted event

  3. Royalty

    1. Banner Health must be on autograph cards and event flyers.

    2. CMC must be on all autograph cards.

    3. Shirts must be Wrangler

Reach Out

Unfortunately, Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek 2021 has been cancelled, but …

we are still holding smaller, fun community events, like our upcoming Trail Ride.

See you at Roots N' Boots Queen Creek March 16-20, 2022


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