Roots N Boots Queen Creek

Sale of Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek Pre-Sale Carnival Tickets ends today at 4pm

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  1. Took my family to the Roots and Boots carnival yesterday. They Had a wonderful time getting there face painted, eating lots of great carnival food and playing games. One thing did concern us, was the condition of the carnival rides. I’m 42 and I know some of those rides were in operation long before I was born. We also herd others talking about the same thing. When my daughter saw the big slide she begged me to go down it. But when she did she had to scoot down the slide. It was so bad I was afraid she was going to get fiberglass splinter in her back side. My wife and daughter went on the tilt-a-whirl, I have never seen one that old and in that bad shape. I saw a operator of the merry-go-round having to lift the horses and put the the thing back together every other ride. Had a great time would go back next year but would think twice about the carnival rides.

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