Roots N Boots Queen Creek

RnB2020 Tickets are now on sale!

Rodeo and Pre-sale carnival tickets are now on sale at Two big changes for the 10th anniversary of Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek are: 1) electronic ticketing, and 2) Bull Riding on Thursday night.

Electronic ticketing means that tickets are sold online only.  Once your purchase is complete, you can then print your tickets or send to your phone. Tickets (hardcopy or from your phone) will be scanned and once a ticket is scanned it cannot be used again. More details are on the Rodeo Tickets and Carnival Tickets web pages, and an example rodeo ticket is shown below.

The Thursday night Bull Riding provides our community with another chance to see PRCA Bull Riding, as well as extending Vendors and Carnival into Thursday night as well. Details are on the Rodeo Tickets page.

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