Roots N Boots Queen Creek

Changes to the Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek Royalty selection process

It is with pleasure and excitement that I am notifying everyone about changes to the Roots N’ Boots Queen program for this year. We have chosen to not hold a contest for the crowning of new Roots N’ Boots queens and instead have elected a different route.
We have chosen the three young women who will be representing our wonderful rodeo, the committee and Town of Queen Creek. These young ladies have shown interest or have competed in a previous contest and are capable in every way.
These beautiful and talented ladies have the ability and poise to handle and represent all aspects of the rodeo world. They will be incredible assets to the Town Council and the committee by making appearances at various events. Their talents don’t end there, as they will truly entertain all events and sponsor requests with their grace and speaking ability. They each speak with extensive knowledge behind their words and will be able to answer any questions asked.
The selected queens will give guidance and set an example for other young ladies who may in the future wish to compete for a title in the Roots N’ Boots queen court. As a title holder they will be held to a higher standard and they will do their best to be the best.
Please know this decision didn’t come lightly or without much thought. We are looking forward to the 2015 Roots N’ Boots being a banner year for all parties involved.
On January 10, an official announcement will be made to introduce the 2015 Roots N’ Boots queens.
Be ready to be inspired and amazed this year.
Chelsea Underwood

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