Forms & Waivers


Equestrians (incl Royalty)

Any person who rides an equine during an activity associated with Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek, including visiting royalty, must sign the Riding waiver. PRCA and WPRA contestants are exempt from this requirement.

If the participant is a minor, then the legal parent or guardian must also sign.

Kids N’ Kritters, Ranch Dressing, Xtreme Teen Rodeo

Only one Minor Waiver is required per child.

Adults (18 years of age or older) participating in Ranch Dressing or Xtreme Teen, just sign the Adult waiver.

Mutton Bustin

The Mutton Bustin waiver is required for kids participating in Mutton Bustin, in addition to the waivers required for participation in Kids N’ Kritters (above)

Special Kids Rodeo

If the participant is under 18 years of age, then a legal parent or guardian must sign the SKR release.


The Volunteer Form is for volunteering to support Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek, and the waiver is to actually perform that volunteer service on the grounds.

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