Rodeo 101 Tours

Do you have questions like:

  • What is that thing on the cows horns?
  • Doesn’t that strap hurt the bull?
  • What is this event called?

These, and many, many others are the questions often asked by new rodeo spectators.

Here at the Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek Pro Rodeo, we don’t want you leaving with unanswered questions or false information given by a guy that knew a girl that knew a guy who used to pull chutes at the PBR.

This year we will share a more personal and informative opportunity with you through a new program that allows you to learn the ins and outs of rodeo from people who have been there, done that and are STILL doing it!

Take a tour in and around the actual rodeo arena and get a semi hands on experience of what professional rodeo is all about. On the tour you might run into rodeo royalty, a brave rodeo clown and/or bull fighter, a rodeo competitor or two and maybe, just MAYBE (with a high possibility) the man who keeps the party going all night: the nationally known Rodeo Announcer, Dan Fowlie! When your tour comes to an end you will have a chance to step into a cowboy’s shoes … literally! Try on real rodeo attire and gear, perfect for a photo op!

We will offer a single tour per day, 60 minutes before the PRCA rodeo starts, with a maximum of 16 people. Tickets will be available at the Rodeo ticket office and prices are are the Tickets page here.

Reach Out

Unfortunately, Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek 2021 has been cancelled, but …

we are still holding smaller, fun community events, like our upcoming Trail Ride.

See you at Roots N' Boots Queen Creek March 16-20, 2022


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