Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek  is very dependent on local volunteers, both during planning and during the Roots N’ Boots weekend itself.   Volunteering is considered community service, since Friends of Horseshoe Park is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Volunteer as a individual or bring your organization to take on larger tasks.   All volunteers receive an event T-shirt and a PRCA Rodeo ticket voucher good for a Friday or Sunday performance, as well as the good feelings that come from helping put on Queen Creek’s signature community event.

We also now have a Youth Committee who is doing marvelous things.   See their details here.

Release Form *

All volunteers must sign a Volunteer Release Form prior to working at Roots N’ Boots.  Sorry.   Insurance makes us do it.  This can be done prior to the event or when you check in, but remember check in is often busy so to reduce your time in line please have your release ready.

When you check in, please let us know if you need verification of community service.

Event Volunteers *

If you are interested in volunteering at this great community event, there are several ways to let us know

  1. Print Volunteer Form, fill it out and mail it to the address on the form
  2. Send an email to volunteers@FriendsOfHorseshoePark.org requesting the volunteer form
  3. Send an email to volunteers@FriendsOfHorseshoePark.org with the following information (copy the lines that follow and paste into an email)
    • Name of Person or Group:
    • Number of Volunteers:
    • Street Address, City, STate and Zip:
    • Two contact numbers:
    • Email address and Date of Birth:
    • How did you learn about volunteering for RnB?
    • Any medical restrictions:
    • Area of interest, if any:
    • Any special requests: (including being on the Event Committee)
    • Date(s) and Time(s) of Availability

This is a great way to support our community and have a good time while you are at it.    The Friends of Horseshoe Park is a recognized 501(c)3 charity, so volunteer hours count towards community service for many organizations (e.g. National Honor Society).


Committee *

If you want to be involved in the planning of Roots N’ Boots, this is the group for you!    Send an email to org telling us of your interest.   The Committee typically meets once a month year round and is the volunteer group which is responsible for this great event.   We would love to have your help!

More committee info here

If you are a youth, and want to be more involved, check out our Youth Committee!

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