Carnival Tickets

Pre-sale of carnival tickets has ended

Pre-Sale Ticket Prices – Not Available

Discount carnival tickets can ONLY be purchased prior to Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek. Currently we are offering 10 single ride tickets for $25.

Additional Pre-Sale packages will be available, including wristbands, at a later date.

Carnival Ticket Pre-sale ends at
noon on  Thursday, March 12

On Site Ticket Prices

Onsite tickets will be $1 per ticket, once Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek begins, with quantity discounts like last year (40 tickets for $30 for instance). Rides cost 3 to 6 tickets depending on size.

A family could buy three 10-ride presale packets for $75 spread out the 30 rides among their family members.   On site, they could buy wristbands per family member.

Bottom line is that the pre-sale tickets will always be the better family value.


  • Unlimited wristbands will be available at a later date. The difference between wristbands and pre-sale ride coupons is that wristbands are per person. The ride coupons can be split up.
  • Friday Special – TBD

Carnival Rides are Here 

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