New for 2020 – All electronic ticketing!

How does electronic ticketing work?

You purchase carnival tickets through the button above. After your purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to your tickets. From that link you can print or text your tickets to one or more phones.

Each unique ticket has its own QR code (see below for a rodeo example). This QR code can only be redeemed once, so if you share your tickets with someone else, and they have that ticket scanned, then you will not be able to use your ticket even though you have it printed or on your phone.

For instance, if four 10 ride tickets are purchased, then the confirmation email will give you access to four (4) tickets, each with a unique QR code. Those tickets must then be redeemed at the carnival ticket booth any day the carnival is in operation during Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek.

Tickets will be scanned when they are redeemed, so please be prepared with either printed tickets or the tickets visible on your phone (just like boarding an aircraft).

Pre-Sale Ticket Prices

Discount carnival tickets can ONLY be purchased prior to Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek. Currently we are offering 10 single ride tickets for $25.

Additional Pre-Sale packages will be available, including wristbands, at a later date.

Carnival Ticket Pre-sale ends at
noon on  Thursday, March 12

On Site Ticket Prices

Onsite tickets will be $1 per ticket, once Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek begins, with quantity discounts like last year (40 tickets for $30 for instance). Rides cost 3 to 6 tickets depending on size.

A family could buy three 10-ride presale packets for $75 spread out the 30 rides among their family members.   On site, they could buy wristbands per family member.

Bottom line is that the pre-sale tickets will always be the better family value.


  • Unlimited wristbands will be available at a later date. The difference between wristbands and pre-sale ride coupons is that wristbands are per person. The ride coupons can be split up.
  • Friday Special – TBD

Carnival Rides are Here