Trail Ride: Sat March 7 – NEW

This year we are offering a local trail ride and trivia contest from Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre to the Desert Wells Stage Stop, and back.   

UPDATE: We will be parking and leaving from the Southwest corner of the overflow parking lot at Horseshoe Park.   Enter the West gate at HPEC and go all the way to the back of the site.   Turn left into overflow parking lot and head to the southwest corner, where you will see the Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek popup (winds allowing).    

We still leave the Community Arena parking lot at 9:00AM, ride west along Sanoqui Wash, crossing Hawes (with MCSO escort) about 9:15AM OR 9:30AM.   We will then ride to the Desert Wells Stage Stop by going under the Chandler Heights bridge.   We will have a break and then ride back to HPEC Community arena, where we will have some fun with trivia.    

Our crossing of Hawes on the return leg will again be with MCSO escort at about 10:45AM or 11:00 AM.

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