Pee Wee Barrels NEW!

As our event has grown, the number of opportunities for young barrel racers to be involved has increased as well, if they are not WPRA members.  One of the opportunities is our Pee Wee Barrel Race, which takes place during our PRCA performances.

  • PeeWee barrel racers are selected by our Pee Wee Chair, Jill Starkey.

  • 5 spots are filled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday PRCA rodeo performances

  • Apply by March 1

  • Selection is based on:

    • Age (5-10yrs)

    • Residence – Queen Creek residences given priority

    • Order of registration – First come, first serve by March 1

    • Child safety/riding ability

    • First time riders will be given first priority

    • Returning riders will be fillers

    • No Lead Line

  • Send registration information to Jill Starkey at  or 805.423.2272 by March 1

  • Prizes for participants

  • No entry fee

  • Free parking (truck and trailer vehicle only)

  • 1 Parent may accompany the rider into the arena

  • No additional guest passes

  • Family and friends will need a ticket in order to see youth runs

  • Tickets for family and guests may be purchased onsite or online

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