If you think getting yourself dressed in the morning and racin’ out the door is tough, try dressing a Goat and racin’ for the finish line!! Come show us you got what it takes to be a Rancher and dress our Goats. Then race across the finish line to win a Buckle!!
Under construction for 2017
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Overview *

In teams of three, competitors will attempt to clothe a goat in summer attire, and then parade it across the finish line!

Five goats will be staked at one end of the arena. Five teams of three members each will be at the other end of the arena.  Bags of clothes will be placed between the teams and the animals.   When start is called, teams will run to their goat, with someone picking up their bag of clothes on the way.  Team members will dress their goat in a t-shirt, shorts, and ball cap.  T-shirt must go over their head with two legs in the arms.  Back two legs must go through leg holes of shorts.   Once the goat/animal is dressed, members will unclip the goat from the stake, and parade it back across the finish line.  First team with their fully dressed animal across the line wins!

Ranch Dressing is FREE to enter, once you have paid  for parking.

Rules *

  1. Minimum age of competitor – 12
  2. All competitors must sign a release of liability.  If a minor, parent/guardian must sign the release.
  3. All competitors must wear closed toed shoes (such as tennis shoes) or boots.  Mule type shoes or clogs that slip on will not be acceptable.  Wearing of long pants or jeans is highly recommended.
  4. Animals must cross the finish line fully dressed.  Any garment that falls off must be put back on before the finish line in order to win!  If clothing falls off right at the end, members are allowed to cross back over the finish line, dress the goat/animal, and then re-cross the finish line!
  5. Goat cannot be carried across the finish line by competitor; goat must cross the finish line on all 4 legs!
  6. Decision of judges is final.  There is no video review!

Disqualification *

1.   No rough handling of livestock.  The limbs and body of the animal cannot in anyway be bent or maneuvered in an unnatural way.

2.   If the animal assigned to a team gets loose, that team is disqualified

Divisions *

FIVE DIVISIONS – Maximum FIVE teams in each division

  1. Civic groups/Non-profits/Businesses- Minimum age 12.   Approximate starting time 12:10PM
  2. MIXED – at least one member must be 12-18, at least one member must be 19 or over (third member can either be an adult, or a Youth).  Approximate starting time 12:20PM
  3. Youth 12-18–Approximate starting time 12:30PM
  4. OPEN – minimum age 12, no other restrictions!  Approximate starting time 12:40PM
  5. Open– minimum age 12, no other restrictions! Approximate starting time 12:50PM

Championship Round *

Winner of each heat must be able to return for Championship round that same night. If they are unable, they need to notify us at the time of their heat. In that case 2nd place will be given the option to return and so on… Winners of each division will be given additional instructions for the Championship Round. Each winning team member may bring up to two additional spectators as a cheering section. All others will need a ticket to gain entry. Following event, teams and their cheering section will be escorted out of the arena, and will need a ticket to reenter the covered arena.

Additional Information *

  1. Inquiries on pre-registration can be made via email to qcsheep@gmail.com . Pre-registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis:
  2. All teams must check in at the Ranch Dressing registration booth by 11:00AM the day of competition – even if they are pre-registered!  If you do not check in, your slot may be given to a waiting team!
  3. Starts times are approximate.  This event runs from 12:00 – 1:00PM with championship at 5:45PM.  Teams
  4. MUST BE at the arena at least 15 minutes prior to their start time, but 30 minutes is recommended.
  5. Although not a factor for judging, Teams are encouraged to be creative in their team name as well as their attire!

Registration *

Sign up will be held Saturday morning at Arena 1 (covered).   The competition will be held in Arena 1 and the finals will be held Saturday night prior to the PRCA Rodeo Performance.

The appropriate waiver (Adult or Minor) is required.     Waivers can be found on the Forms page.



Division:        Civic/Business      Mixed     Youth (12-18)     Open          (circle one)                      Team Name:                   Your Group or Organization:                                                  

Cell Phone Contact Number(s):                                                                  

Number                                             Name                                                          Back Number                       Age if Under 18                                     Release Signed