Kids N' Kritters (was Family Rodeo) is intended to give kids ages 3-11 the chance to have western themed fun, with as much direct animal participation as they (and their parents) are comfortable with.


  • Registration is from 7:30am – 8:30am for all events and age divisions. Registration will remain open after 8:30, but the later you register the less likely it is your child will get to experience all the fun.
  • A signed Release of Liability is required for each participant (for minors, signature of parent or legal guardian is required).
  • See the Forms page under Kids N’ Kritters
    • Participants may choose to mail in early waiver forms for early registration and expedited check-in the day of the activity. By mailing in your waiver forms early, you will be guaranteed participation in all events offered at the Family Rodeo.
    • Please mail your forms (linked below) to:
      • Queen Creek High School
      • ATTN: Justin Ollendick
      • 22149 E Ocotillo Rd.
      • Queen Creek, AZ 85142.
  • All participants will be provided with the proper equipment needed for all Family Rodeo events (helmets, vests, ropes, etc.). However, participants are welcome to bring their own ropes for the Dummy Roping event, or gloves for the Mutton Busting event .
  • All Kids N’ Kritters activities are FREE once you pay for parking.
  • Kids N’ Kritters ends at noon.


Here is a short video on Mutton Bustin, and one on all the Kids N’ Kritters events.


Mutton Busting: Age Divisions – 3-5 yrs. and 6-8 yrs. (weight limit 55 lbs). Kids are given a helmet and vest and then put to the test. The goal is to hang onto the sheep as tightly as you can, and stay on for at least 8 seconds, and when that buzzer sounds you’re in for a treat!

Da$h for Ca$h: Age Divisions – 6-8 yrs., and 9-11 yrs. Can YOU keep up? This fun event includes chasing calves with prizes attached to their tails. These calves are quick though, and you’ll have to have fast hands to snatch that ribbon on their tail. Prizes include money and free tickets to the rodeo on Sunday!

Dummy Roping: Age Divisions – 3-5 yrs., 6-8 yrs. and 9-11 yrs. This is a crash course on roping for dummies! All kids are welcomed to come learn how to swing a rope, and if you’re lucky, catch a “dummy” by the horns.

Sack Races: Age Divisions – 3-5 yrs., 6-8 yrs. and 9-11 yrs. Kids can come and try their hand (or should I say feet) at sack racing! You are given a burlap sack to jump in quickly, and then hop your way to victory.

Stick Horse Barrel Racing: Age Divisions – 3-5 yrs., 6-8 yrs. and 9-11 yrs. Giddy up! You don’t even have to know the barrel racing pattern to compete, we’ll teach you! Each little buckaroo will get to ride their wild stick horse pony in a barrel race. Everyone will be running the pattern at the same time, just try to be the first one across that finish line!

Tin Can Shoot Em Up: Age Divisions – 3-5 yrs., 6-8 yrs. and 9-11 yrs. Are you the quickest draw in the Wild West? Well, even if you’re not come try your hand at tin can shoot em up! Come choose from our fine selection of water guns, and see if you can knock down all the soda cans on your first shot!


Note that specific times may change during the event due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • 7:30 – 8:30 – Registration
  • 8:30 – 9:00 – Separation into divisions (ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-11)
  • 9:00 – 12:00 – Rotations as follows:
    • Rotations 1-2 – Mutton Busting
    • Rotation 3 – Da$h for Ca$h
    • Rotation 4 – Dummy Roping
    • Rotation 5 – Sack Races
    • Rotation 6 – Stick Horse Barrel Races
    • Rotation 7 – Tin Can Shoot ‘em up

Check the Registration table for updates when you arrive.

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