Had a GREAT time with the family last night!!!Was the kids first time to a rodeo. They loved it!! We stopped as we were to talk to some ladies on horses who just had a part in the opening pf the night. They were so great to take time to talk to my daughter.
Jennie B
I just want to say that the ladies at the Roots n’ Boots t-shirt booth were so awesome and wonderful. I bought a t-shirt, then proceeded to lose it, so I went to buy another one. The nice ladies at the booth excitedly told me someone had found it and walked me over to that person’s booth. It was another fantastically nice lady with a cute little clothing boutique in a trailer (I didn’t catch the name!!) Everyone’s honesty, integrity, and general friendliness was so refreshing! Makes me love Queen Creek even more 🙂 An extra thank you to all those vendors today.
Cheryl F
Roots N’ Boots is always a wonderful, positive and family-friendly event. Looking forward to it!
Each day of Roots N’ Boots brings a somewhat different experience.   The Carnival, Shopping and Dining Emporium, Petting Zoo, PRCA Rodeo, and other fun stuff happen Friday thru Sunday, while other activities happen only on a specific day.

The daily schedule is set, but specific hours still might move.

Directions provides details on how to get to Roots N’ Boots, then the site map shows you how to get around.   Parking provides details on passenger car & truck parking, as well as RV spots and hotels.

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